Amazing Lightning Cosplay

Saw this on my friend’s Facebook feed today. Otaku House Cosplay Idol is still up, and this cosplayer needs more votes! Being a fan of FFXIII series, I really think that this is such amazing work from the cosplayer… and the photographer, of course!

Sometimes photographers don’t get enough credit. Think about it… if a cosplayer’s picture comes out amazing, everyone compliments the cosplayer and rarely consider how the photographer had the equipment, picked a spot with good lighting, thought about the image’s overall composition, (possibly) post-processed the image, and all that. So let me take this time to say thanks to my “official” photographer, Anime Expo’s very own KrisZ.

Anyway, before I venture off to a completely different topic, you can vote for this Lightning cosplayer by clicking the Like or +1 button above her picture in the link below:!prettyPhoto-15770/0/

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